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Did you know?

Salons are claiming to have the NEW VersaPRO when in fact they are using the VersaSPA which is almost 10 years old, with Solution that is not Versa Certified! Meaning, these salons will still charge you the same, but not able to Guarantee your Results, since they have independently recalibrated the Spray Booth to a setting that fits whatever solution they have found that is cheap enough! Some salons are using stuff bought off Amazon, or a solution that is meant for Airbrush Tanning. The reason why these bad business practices are not recommended is due to Safety. The FDA has set out Rules for Spray Tanning Applications & these salons are risking your health for their dime. Improper application of DHA through a Spray Booth can lead to Lung & Respiratory Issues, Plus, too much Spray Tan makes for Dry Skin!

X-Treme Tan is Proud to Provide the NEW VersaPRO with ALL NEW Spray Tan Extracting Fans, NEW Atomization Technology for Proper Application, NEW Heat Drying Passes For EVERY Spray & We Use Authentic VersaPRO Solutions!

Get The REAL Deal with your Smart Tan Masters Certified, Versa Certified & Norvell Airbrush Masters Certified Salon!